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Our certification course

 Take our certification course and access knowledge, tools, and methodologies to undertake a holistic assessment of the performance and competitiveness of your SME clients.

The course is made of 7 modules that will walk you through the core concepts of business diagnostics. Learn about effective business assessment, how to use ITC's proprietary SME Diagnostic tool, and how to leverage the results for better services and increased impact.

Learn about key drivers of business success
Understand your clients’ challenges and needs


Develop services that directly address your clients’ needs


Deliver greater impact to your clients and see them flourish



Get certified

Check the availability of our course on ITC Trade Academy platform and sign up for the course today.

Benefits of being certified

Certify your staff in order to conduct in-house assessments

Outsource your assessments by inviting and certifying external experts

Conduct assessments online, compare and analyse scores

Improve the performance of your SME clients and keep track of their progress over time

Certification course modules

1. Managing for competitiveness

Get familiar with the core concepts of competitiveness, successful business management, and understand strategic competence. This module is a foundation for the entire course.


2. Marketing competence

Deepen your understanding of the functional objectives of marketing, and the tools to assess competence in this field.


3. Production competence

Cover the basics of production capabilities. Learn about topics such as minimum quality and volume levels, lead times, specifications, and cost management.


4. Resource management competence

Understand the importance of resources for business competitiveness, and the mechanisms SMEs put in place to manage them.


5. Planning improvement based on diagnosis

Understand the core concepts of designing Performance Improvement Roadmaps (PIRMs) that are both achievable and challenging, and that will increase the performance of your clients


6. ITC's SME Diagnostic tool

Learn how to conduct assessments, how to use the tool to analyze results, and how to produce reports, among much more.


7. Optional: BSO account administrator course

This extra course for will cover the core functionalities of managing your BSO's users on the platform such as how to create accounts, manage assessments, and analyze results.