Four good reasons to use ITC tools and services

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1. Leverage BSOs as multipliers  

Business Support Organizations (BSOs) are critical multipliers for economic development initiatives.  High-performing, well-resourced BSOs act as knowledge repositories, community managers, and custodians of the long-term impact targeted by development initiatives.  Learn how to leverage these partners for benefit of your initiatives


2. Map and build your ecosystems  

Entrepreneurs and small businesses rely on capable, skilled, cohesive business-support ecosystems.  Work directly with ITC experts to map your domestic ecosystem, or an ecosystem you are interested in supporting.  Receive a comprehensive report that identifies key BSOs in the network, maps the connections and collaborations between them, and makes recommendations for strengthening the ecosystem overall.


3. Find the right partners  

Partnering with BSOs comes with significant potential benefits, but finding the right partners is critical.  Finding institutions with the right expertise, niche skills, the proper network and suitable resources is often challenging. ITC offers the CUBED Due Diligence methodology to help your initiative find the best-suited partners for maximum impact.


4. Build stronger SMEs for economic impact  

Small and Medium businesses are the engines of economic growth.  Representing over 50% of global employment, building the competitive capacity of SMEs has the potential to transform economies and livelihoods. Leverage ITC’s tools and services for building competitive businesses, including the SME Diagnostic.


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