Together, Business Support Organizations and SMEs are stronger.

For connecting and growing

Together, Business Support Organizations and SMEs are stronger.

We bring you the tools and services to boost your performance.

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We bring you the tools and services to boost your performance.

Our tools and services support green and inclusive growth.

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Our tools and services support green and inclusive growth.


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Gain access to our free self-assessment tool including to our Sustainability Deep Dive, comparative analytic tools, and targeted recommendations for performance improvement.

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    « The work we have been doing with the ITC, in particular the benchmarking exercise and the Performance Improvement Road Map (PIRM), is phenomenal. »



    «  We positively value the methodology based on direct interaction with the Benchmarking experts.  A collaboration based on confidentiality, deep respect and professionalism »



    « Your recommendations are notably shaped upon the basis of strategic facts, and that reflects the in-depth analysis you both crafted during the visit. »

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Join the competition and become a Champion!

Join the competition and become a Champion!



Are you an organization that supports smallholder farmers? Are you a non-governmental organization that empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs working in agriculture and food systems through your development work? Are you a small business connecting smallholder farmers to international markets?

Become a Small Business Champion!

Launched for the first time in 2021, the World Trade Organization’s Informal Working Group of Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, together with the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Trade Centre, calls for your innovative ideas that help smallholder farmers go global through trade.

The winning proposals will be announced on MSME Day, 27 June, held virtually with the heads of all three organizations.

With this competition, your ideas will not only raise awareness of the difficulties smallholder farmers and businesses are facing when it comes to accessing finance and infrastructure but will also promote best practices in international trade, business innovation and resilience.

For more information on the Proposal and the Initiative, visit:

WTO | ICC-ITC-WTO MSME Group Small Business Champions


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