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Our vision

For stronger institutions, better business performance and Trade Impact for Good



Improving performance 

ITC grows the capacities of BSOs, the competitiveness of SMEs, and the impact of ecosystems 


Spread learning

ITC evolves the understanding of global good practices and advances the conversation around sustainable and inclusive growth 



 ITC connects institutions, businesses and partners for active networks, better client relationships and stronger ecosystems

Our mission/The programme

We are the only global platform linking Business Support Organizations (BSOs) performance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) success.


For businesses and institutions

We help them maximize their potential and deliver more impactful services with specialized diagnostics, performance monitoring and capacity building. Read more about what we can do for…


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Meet our experts

Our team is composed of highly qualified senior staff members from the Institutions & Ecosystems section and other specialized sections of ITC. We also work with external experts from ITC's global network of high-profile consultants

Most of our experts have previously worked for top-level and mature trade and business support organizations where they have gathered first-hand experience in trade and investment promotion, organizational development and good practices.



Anne Chappaz

Chief, Institutions & Ecosystems


Andrea Santoni

Benchmarking and Strategy Expert

Nuria Rull

Nuria Rull 

Business Ecosystem and Networking Expert


Penelope Hurndell

Benchmarking and Strategy & Performance Expert


Miyoba Lubemba

Trade Support Services Expert 


Aman Goel

Analyst, BSO Assessment and Capacity Building


Ben Mohamed Imamo

Trade Promotion Expert, Business Generation and Networking


Sebastian Rodas

B2B and Commercial Network Expert


Saskia Marx

Trade Support Services Expert

Lucie Debornes

Lucie Debornes

Associate Programme Officer

We promote sustainable and inclusive growth

The benefits of growth do not always reach everyone and excessive burdens may be placed on the environment. To respond, we have mainstreamed key sustainability themes throughout our assessments.

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