Sustainability and inclusiveness

Our vision

The technical knowledge of partners and beneficiaries alone is not sufficient to improve livelihoods and ensure sustainable growth. Technical and sustainable development need to align in order for their impact to be durable and effective. 

As a UN Organization, ITC is committed to delivering progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  ITC contributes towards the goals with every initiative, tool, and training we deliver. Through the Benchmarking platform and assessments, we have mainstreamed a specific focus on 4 goals to guide the social and sustainable practices of BSOs and the SMEs they support. 



Youth empowerment

Ensure inclusive business practices that empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders


Gender equality

Influence policies and provide services for women’s economic empowerment and leadership


Fair jobs

Deliver services that promote inclusive, sustainable growth and decent jobs


Green growth

Implement environmentally sustainable practices in strategy and operations as well as integration of green competitiveness throughout service offer

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The Sustainability Performance diagnostic

We have mainstreamed sustainability and inclusiveness principles throughout all of our technical methodologies, tools and services. Our offer for both SMEs and Business Support Organizations (BSOs) includes a sustainability perspective as a complementary element to our core technical support. 

Addressing technical performance and sustainability simultaneously will allow your development initiatives to not only ensure solid technical improvement but also enhance inclusive reach and sustainable benefits.

Read more about how we implement this in our methodology for Business Support Organizations and for SMEs

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