09 Nov, 2022

ITC, in partnership with the European Union, presented the new Regional TPO Network UEMOA

Thanks to the financial support of the European Union, in partnership with UEMOA and ITC, the regional network of Trade Promotions Organizations has been presented in Dakar, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade.

UEMOA TPOs Network will be financed by the EU with two billion FCfa during the next eight months. This partnership will enable the intra and inter-regional exchanges for a fast and sustainable inclusion of West Africa in the global economy.

According to Imamo Ben Mohamed, ITC representative, the creation of the regional network will foster the exploitation of the resources to improve support services to SMEs and strengthen the efforts of the UEMOA Commission to implement and promote development programmes.

The UEMOA commission and the International Trade Centre have also seized this meeting in Dakar to organize two-day workshops for TPO staff, namely on the fields of information gathering and digitalization, to be able to eventually update the regional online trade information portal for the UEMOA Space.

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