Trade Support Services Expert

Miyoba Lubemba has been ITC’s Senior Adviser, Trade Support Services, since February 2014. The focus of her work includes capacity building for foreign trade representatives; and, strengthening trade support institutions around the world, particularly in the area of trade support services. Miyoba has more than a decade of experience in market development, export promotion and development, product and sector development, trade policy and trade negotiations, and, strategy development and implementation. She previously worked with the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) as Manager Export Market Development, as Senior Officer Export Promotion and Sector Development, and as Fund Manager of the EU financed Zambia Export Development Fund.
Miyoba also worked under Zambia’s coordination of the WTO LDC Group, and for the Export Board of Zambia. Miyoba holds a MSc. in International Trade Policy and Trade Law, BA Business Administration, BA Management, FdA Professional Practice International Trade, and Advanced Professional Certificate in Export Promotion. Miyoba is a graduate member of the UK Institute of Exports. She speaks English and German.