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The Benchmarking Tool

The Benchmarking tool will help you understand your scores in the global context of peers and competitors, and help you see your improvement over time.


Benchmark against your peers

Compare your scores on any given assessment to the global maximum, minimum, and average scores.  The tool enables the user to narrow this comparison field by geography, sector, or organization-type.  This allows you to see your performance in context, and understand your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to similar organizations. 

The Benchmarking tool also protects individual organizations' data.  Comparisons will always be made against average aggregated scores of similar organizations in a given context, never against individual entities.  This allows for contextualized analysis of scores while protecting all parties' data.



Trend analysis

The Benchmarking tool also enables comparison of your scores against your most important competitor: your past self.  

Arguably the most critical step of the performance improvement cycle is re-assessment to gauge progress. The Benchmarking tool allows you to analyze a given assessment vs those you have taken in the past.  Compare against a snapshot in time, or vs. your entire history of assessments to see your organization's evolution towards excellence.  


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