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ITC's Benchmarking for Trade hosts tools and services for BSOs, SMEs, as well as Development Partners and Policymakers




Business Support Organizations (BSOs) are classified as any organization or institution that provides support or capacity-building services to businesses and entrepreneurs.  ITC recognizes and classifies 18 over different types of BSO:

  • Trade promotion organization 
  • Investment promotion agency 
  • Trade and investment promotion agency 
  • Chamber of commerce 
  • Association (Sector/Professional) 
  • Business women's organization
  • Cooperative Credit/Finance institution
  • Economic development agency 
  • Federation/Apex organization
  • Incubator/Accelerator 
  • MSME development agency
  • Packaging institute
  • Regional organization
  • Regulatory/Standards agency
  • Tourism promotion organization
  • Technical and vocational education and training
  • Youth organization



ITC’s organizational mandate focusses on improving the international competitiveness of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).  For this purpose, ITC defines an SME as any company from a beneficiary nation that is not yet internationally competitive.  Companies of all sizes can benefit from ITC’s offer, from start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs, through to established enterprises looking to take their business to the international stage.  ITC’s services can be tailored and customized to meet the unique needs of different sectors, levels of maturity, or business size.


Partners & Policymakers

ITC is the only development agency that is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of SMEs.  With over 50 years of history working with SMEs and BSOs, ITC has developed world-class expertise in addressing the unique needs of these actors.  

ITC recognizes that sustainable development relies on cooperation and collaboration. As such, we make our expertise, tools, and services available to other development actors and initiatives.  Whether donor-governments, local institutions, development agencies, or NGOs, ITC’s suite of services and tools can be invaluable for any actor aiming to strengthen the capacity of BSOs and/or the competitiveness of SMEs.  


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