CUBED due diligence

To help maximize the benefits of your development project and select the most appropriate BSO partners, ITC has developed CUBED: a methodological approach designed to address the needs of the development community.


An ecosystem level perspective

The CUBED methodology is highly customizable, and each assessment is tailored directly to the objectives, needs and intended results of your project. The objectives and expected results of the assessments are agreed in consultation with your team at project outset.



Aggregate assessments of BSO partners or potential partners

Get recommendations for individual BSO improvement

Get ecosystem level analysis to compare and select BSOs

A comprehensive report


The final report includes individual BSO assessments, their suitability for partnership, and capacity building recommendations. You will also receive a review of the business support ecosystem as a whole, advice on how it can empower your initiatives, and an analysis of the potential risks that could arise. 

One assessment, multiple perspectives

CUBED uses a system of flags and weightings for each indicator and allows the extraction, disaggregation and analysis of several complementary perspectives:



BSO institutional capacity

An analysis of the BSO’s technical capacity, based on the four pillars of the BSO Diagnostic methodology.


BSO project readiness

Assessment of the suitability of BSOs for a specific project or purpose according to the C3R3 methodology : Committed, Connected, Capable; Resourced, Recognized, Reliable.


BSO partner risk

A comprehensive risk analysis that assesses BSOs on five categories of potential risk: Financial, Delivery, Reputational, Results Measurement, and Legacy. 


BSO service portfolio analysis

Evaluation of the scope, reach and maturity of the products and services provided by BSOs to their clients. 


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