Ecosystem diagnostic

The success of any development project relies on a robust business support ecosystem. We have developed a comprehensive diagnostic methodology to assess the strength, connectivity and usability of national or regional business support ecosystems.




Service mapping

Service mapping identifies the BSOs in an ecosystem and conducts a comprehensive review of their service offers. This allows your project managers to identify gaps in the business support arena and also any areas where organizations' offerings overlap.


Network analysis

Network analysis examines existing connections and partnerships between organizations. Connections are weighted, and the ecosystem is given a 'connectedness' rating. The rating is calculated based on comparison of existing connections. 


User experience analysis

User experience analysis brings together local entrepreneurs and SME staff to understand the usability and accessibility of the ecosystem. This provides an external perspective on the functioning -  and ultimately the effectiveness - of the ecosystem as a whole.


A comprehensive report


You will get a comprehensive report that assesses the key strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem and identifies gaps and overlaps in service provision, along with recommendations on how your project might best address these issues. 

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