Five good reasons to use ITC tools and services

Discover how our tools and services can help your Business Support Organization (BSO) to perfom, deliver and grow better.


1. Assess your capabilities  

Run self-assessments of your organization’s performance, or work directly with ITC for a full, on-site assisted assessment. Analyse your scores using the Benchmarking tool and receive customized recommendations for improvement.  Re-assess your organization over time to track improvement and guide the way forward.


2. Improve your performance  

Use the results of your diagnostic to pursue capacity building.  Close identified gaps, capitalize on highlighted strengths, and leverage the findings in your assessment report for targeted improvement. Make use of ITC’s tools and resources or get in touch and work directly with our dedicated experts. 


3. Manage and support your clients  

Invite your clients to join the platform and connect to your organization.  Manage client profiles through a customizable database.  Keep and maintain accurate records and segment your clients into relevant clusters and categories by sector, size or other feature


4. Get certified to run SME Diagnostics  

Running diagnostic assessments is a powerful tool for designing valuable, tailored services for your clients.  Get certified to delivery ITC’s SME Diagnostics through the Benchmarking platform, and make use of the full suite of analytic tools used by ITC’s own experts.


5. Connect to new clients and partners through the BSO Directory  

Get familiar with the core concepts of competitiveness, successful business management, and understand strategic competence. This module is a foundation for the entire course.


Let’s build for success together

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