How scoring works

Each indicator is cored out of 100%. Indicator scores are weighted using a proprietary methodology developed by ITC over decades of refinement. Indicator scores are then aggregated and averaged to provide scores for the next level up the taxonomy, until an overall organizational score is achieved


0 25 50 75 100%

Scoring is based on individual ratings for each indicator and compared against the “100%” good practice.

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Interpreting your scores

The findings of the technical assessment support the development of a heatmap analysis. You will be provided with a table categorizing your scores versus global average. This will allow you to see, at a glance, themes where your organization excels, and those where you struggle. The heatmap is produced based on calculated scores, and categorized according to the brackets outlined below.


0-20: Weak

Requires considerable improvement across all areas to operate effectively.

21-40: Below average

Has significant areas that require development or improvement.

41-60: Average

Is generally operating at a satisfactory level.

61-80: Very good

Is performing at a high level overall.

81-100: Excellent

Is performing consistently at a world class level, with many areas of good practice.


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Measuring other drivers of performance

In addition to your technical and sustainable performance, Benchmarking Assessments are designed to extract data on your organization's Digital Readiness and Corporate Culture. Indicators throughout the technical assessment are flagged for either topic. Once you finalize an assessment, those indicators are extracted to provide overall scoring on both topics.



  Digital readiness

COVID-19 showed the world the critical importance of digital readiness, and accelerated the global digital transformation. Ensuring your organization is well equipped for the digital future is critical for your success.

  Corporate culture

Organizations can only perform as well as the humans who staff them. Fostering a supportive, motivating and human-centric corporate culture is essential to organizational success.


Measuring sustainability

Each assessment includes an optional sustainability performance diagnostic. It assesses the same operations as the technical performance diagnostic, but specifically through the lens of 4 sustainability topics: Green Growth, Gender Equality, Youth Empowerment, and Fair Jobs.

Recognizing that the drivers of technical performance are very different than sustainable practices, your scores on sustainability performance are kept separate from the technical assessment. This allows more accurate and relevant understanding of your organization's performance, and more meaningful comparison to peers.

Comparing your scores

Compare your scores With ITC's Benchmarking tool against your peers or against yourself over time. Comparisons are made using average scores aggregated from other organizations on either a geographic, or sector basis. This maintains the confidentiality of all organizations by guaranteeing that scores remain private.

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