Methodology for organizations

We understand "Performance" for Business Support Organizations as a multidimensional concept. It is not sufficient to have strong leadership, smooth operations and valuable services. High performing organizations are also digitally equipped, sustainably focused, and foster a positive, human-centric corporate culture.

Continuously refined, expanded and updated, ITC's Benchmarking methodology introduces a modular approach, making it possible to customize the assessment model to capture the characteristics of different organization types and their needs while still ensuring consistency, reliability and comparability of data and scores.


Technical performance diagnostic

An analysis of your organization’s operations and a review of the value you deliver to your clients. Our methodology is structured around four key areas, and each is broken down into themes. Each theme contains measures that are informed by distinct indicators. The total number of individual indicators assessed depends on the modules selected, but a full diagnostic involves between 200 and 250 individual indicators.


Sustainability and inclusiveness diagnostic

In addition to assessing your organization's technical capabilities, the BSO Diagnostic also includes a Sustainability performance diagnostic. This diagnostic is a stand-alone module that evaluates your organization's social and environmental impact. The Sustainability performance diagnostic is optional on self-assessments, and scores are kept separate from the technical assessment.


Other drivers of performance

Throughout the BSO Diagnostic, certain indicators are flagged for specific drivers of performance such as Digital Readiness, and Corporate Culture. Upon completion of the assessment, these flagged indicators are aggregated to provide a unique score on these topics.


How does scoring work?

Your scores are calculated using a proprietary system of weightings and aggregations to understand your organization's performance.

Scoring methodology

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