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SMEs are our specialty and we offer our expertise and services to help your development initiatives achieve the best possible impact. ITC, as the joint organization of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, is the only international development institution with a clear mandate to focus on SME development.


Cluster analysis

The Benchmarking platform allows to run clustered assessments on complete cohorts of SME beneficiaries. This can help you assess the needs of an entire business ecosystem, while simultaneously understanding the needs of individual companies. You can also segment and group beneficiaries depending on scores and needs, and facilitate the delivery of tailored services.


SME performance diagnostic tool

Our SME Diagnostic tool offers a comprehensive, adaptable assessment methodology to ensure you understand the real needs of your beneficiaries.  Our SME diagnostic tool provides a wide range of functionalities such as: 



Assess your SME beneficiaries

Understand their strengths and challenges

Design tailored services that serve their needs

Re-assess to manage improvement over time

Our Diagnostic tool for SMEs

ITC tools and services


ITC offers a range of online, free-to-use tools to make global trade more transparent and facilitate access to international markets.  These tools can help SMEs identify export and import opportunities, compare market-access requirements, monitor national trade performance, and make informed business decisions. 

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Improve your impact

Gain knowledge of SME needs

Strategically manage your beneficiaries

Use needs assessment to inform service design 


Improve policy advocacy by identifying trends

Deliver better, sustainably-focused services 

Understand your impact by measuring beneficiaries' improvement 

Supporting SMEs through BSOs

Capable, expert BSOs are critical partners for the sustainable success of any SME focused initiative.  ITC's Benchmarking platform provides a single hub for improving the capacity of both institutions and businesses, while linking them together for sustainable and long-term impact.

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We help you deliver meaningful, sustainable impact. Unlock access to our decades of experience in building SME competitiveness.

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The benefits of growth do not always reach everyone and excessive burdens may be placed on the environment. To respond, we have mainstreamed key sustainability themes throughout our assessments.

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