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Build better Business Support Organizations

BSOs are powerful partners for any economic or trade development initiative. They are well placed actors that understand local markets, and have networks that reach into both the public and private sectors. ITC can help you map local business-support ecosystems; identify the most well-suited, trusted partners; and strengthen their capacity to deliver value for your initiatives.


Understand the context in the field

Understanding the landscape and context of your development project and identifying the right institutions to partner with is essential for delivering impactful, sustainable results with our two programmes:



  Due diligence

Select the most well-suited, trusted, capable partners for your initiatives.

  Ecosystem mapping

See which BSOs offer which services, who's collaborating with who, and how to make the system work for your initiative.

Diagnose and benchmark BSOs

Our BSO Diagnostic is a comprehensive assessment that measures the performance of Business Support Organizations to guide their capacity building initiatives.

Our BSO Diagnostic tool


BSO certification

BSOs can be certified to deliver ITC's SME Diagnostics for their clients. Learn about the certification programme, and how certified BSOs can serve your projects

BSO certification

Services and tools to help you

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to help you strengthen your BSO partners.  ITC has over 50 years of experience working with BSOs from across the world, in every market context. 


Better understanding SMEs

Facilitating access to a proven SME diagnostic tool  

Facilitating consistent progress for client engagement

Helping BSO partners strategically manage their clients


Providing a comprehensive portfolio of services to build BSO capacity

Using needs assessment as a basis for service design

Improving policy advocacy by identifying common business constraints

Gathering data for results and impact reporting


Helping BSOs gain credibility and visibility with the private sector

Helping BSOs deliver better sustainability-focused services

Helping BSOs understand impact by measuring clients’ improvement


Maximize your impact with ITC

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See how BSOs are doing

The benefits of growth do not always reach everyone and excessive burdens may be placed on the environment. To respond, we have mainstreamed key sustainability themes throughout our assessments.

BSO live scores