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Our tools also aim to facilitate connections and collaborations between your organization, companies in our ecosystem, peers and potential trade development partners.

Join ITC’s global BSO Directory and gain worldwide visibility

Connect with peers, MSMEs and development partners

Invite clients to your network and provide personalized support

Allow MSMEs worldwide to find you, connect and request your support

ITC’s Global BSO Directory


The only database of BSOs helping SMEs find the best business support partners worldwide. By registering on our platform your organization will be made visible in ITC’s public BSO Directory.

Visit the BSO Directory

Our network tool

Our network tool allows every SME in our system to find and request a connection to a relevant BSO. It also allows your organization to browse, find and contact potential SME clients.

Upon registration: 

  • your organization will be findable by every SME in our system
  • if you are certified, SMEs will be able to request assessment immediately