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Our tools are specifically designed to facilitate connections and collaborations between your organization, peers, companies, and potential trade development partners within your business support ecosystem.

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ITC’s Global BSO Directory


The exclusive database of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) that aids SMEs in discovering premier business support partners across the globe. Upon registration on our platform, your organization gains visibility in ITC's public BSO Directory.

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Our network tool

Our network tool empowers SMEs within our system to effortlessly connect with relevant Business Support Organizations (BSOs), while also providing your organization with the means to discover, identify, and engage with potential SME clients. Joining our network brings forth a multitude of advantages:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Your organization becomes readily discoverable by all SMEs in our network, amplifying your exposure to potential clients.
  • Effortless Connections: Streamlined processes allow SMEs to easily discover and request connections to your Business Support Organization, simplifying the formation of beneficial partnerships.
  • Targeted Networking: The network tool enables proactive engagement with potential SME clients that align with your services and expertise.
  • Global Reach: Certified entities enjoy the benefit of SMEs promptly requesting assessments, facilitating quicker and more direct client engagement.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Simplify the process of identifying and connecting with relevant BSOs and SMEs, fostering collaboration and mutual growth opportunities.
  • Resource Maximization: Efficient partner connections enable your organization to allocate resources more effectively, driving business growth.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Gain access to valuable insights and data on potential SME clients, enabling informed decision-making and tailored services.

By joining our network, you equip your organization with enhanced visibility, simplified connections, strategic networking, global outreach, collaborative efficiency, resource optimization, and data-driven adaptability, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in your industry.

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