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Our portfolio comprehensively addresses all facets of organizational performance. You can leverage our services either individually as stand-alone solutions or as an integrated package custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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We offer a wide variety of services to help you improve, ranging from free e-learning courses to webinars and workshops to specifically tailored services delivered by our dedicated team of experts. ITC can also deliver capacity building that is designed from the ground-up to serve your organization's needs.

 Lead for success 

Effective leadership stands as a pivotal element in the success of any organization. Leadership not only offers guidance, structure, and motivation to the team but also embodies qualities of collaboration, adaptability, and responsiveness.

At ITC, we provide an array of training, workshops, and coaching services to empower your organization's leadership with the skills and insights necessary to steer your BSO towards a path of success.

Topics covered include: Strategy Development, Change Leadership, Risk Management, and Governance

 Smooth operations for effective delivery 

Streamlined and effective processes are the cornerstone of top-performing organizations. Even the most outstanding services, visionary leadership, and a strong network can be hampered by cumbersome and inefficient operational procedures.

At ITC, we provide a suite of capacity-building services designed to optimize and streamline your operational processes. When implemented successfully, these efficiencies can liberate your staff's time and energy, allowing them to channel their efforts toward delivering tangible value to your clients.

Our services encompass the enhancement of various operational processes, including Client Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, and Results-based Measurement.

Topics covered include: Client relationship management, Knowledge management, Membership business models

 Networks and ecosystems 

A thriving BSO cannot exist in isolation. The vitality of your network and the broader business-support ecosystem plays a pivotal role in delivering value to your clients. Cultivating robust partnerships and collaborative relationships with stakeholders and fellow BSOs is the key to expanding your influence and unlocking your organization's full potential.

ITC provides services aimed at extending your network and fortifying your business-support ecosystem.

Topics covered include: Network development support, Ecosystem mapping, Feasibility study for new BSO, WTPO Conference

 Enhance your service offer

A BSO is ultimately only as effective as the services it offers its clients. Your ability to boost your clients’ competitive positioning, help them enter new markets, and support their expansion and growth, will ultimately define your organization. High quality services that directly meet your clients’ needs are the most critical component of this mission.  ITC offers a number of services and training packages to help you improve your existing services and develop new ones that respond directly to your clients’ needs.

Topics covered include: SME Diagnostic certification, Service digitalization, Generating international business, Commercial diplomacy, investment mission organization, Service portfolio development

 Measure results and impact

It's essential for you, your stakeholders, and your staff to have a clear understanding of your progress in relation to your objectives. Regularly tracking key indicators and evaluating your organization's impact not only offers valuable insights but also serves as a compass to steer your organization in the right direction.

Highly successful organizations continuously assess their performance and make necessary adjustments. ITC stands ready to assist you in measuring your organization's performance and impact, as well as reporting your results effectively to enhance visibility and client satisfaction.

Topics covered include: Results Based Measurement; ITC Impact Standard

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