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Our portfolio covers all aspects of organizational performance. Access our services as stand-alone or as a complete package, tailored to address your specific needs.


Measure performance/impact


Set strategic objectives with trackable, concrete performance indicators. We help you implement and maintain good performance measurement.


Why is it important?

You, your stakeholders, and your employees need to know how you are progressing against your objectives. Tracking progress on those indicators and evaluating your organizations impact will provide invaluable lessons for future strategy revision, service development, and organizational direction. Successful organizations constantly re-evaluate themselves and adjust accordingly.


Results based management: ITC training package

We offer a training package to help your organization establish such results measuring infrastructures, as well as how to make the best possible use of that data.


ITC Impact Standard

A practical and reliable methodology drawing on ITC’s 50+ years of experience operating as a global BSO. ITC Impact Standard demonstrates impact using a balanced set of outcome indicators. It responds to the growing need of organizations to report on their impact to justify continued investment and grow their operations. We help you measure performance and impact and report your organizations results in a way that is aligned to the needs and expectations of key stakeholders.

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Lead for success

Good leadership is a critical component of any successful organization. Leadership must provide direction, structure, and drive for staff, but must also be compassionate, flexible, and responsive.  ITC offers a suite of trainings, workshops and coaching services to help ensure your organization’s leadership is best equipped to guide your BSO towards success.  ITC offers services on a range of leadership topics including Strategy Development, Change Leadership, Risk Management, and Governance.

Smooth operations for effective delivery

Efficient and effective processes are a mainstay of high-performing organizations.  Amazing services, bold leadership and a robust network can all be undermined by burdensome, inefficient operating processes.  ITC offers a number of capacity-building services to help streamline your operating processes. Implemented effectively, efficient operations can help free your staff’s time and energy to focus on delivering real value to your clients. ITC offers services for improving a range of operational processes, including Client Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, and Results-based Measurement.

Networks and ecosystems

An effective BSO cannot stand in isolation.  The strength of your network and business-support ecosystem, is critical in delivering value to your clients.  Strong partnerships and cooperative relations with stakeholders and other BSOs can help grow your impact and maximize your organization’s potential.  ITC offers services to help expand your network and strengthen your business-support ecosystem

Enhance service offer

A BSO is ultimately only as effective as the services it offers its clients. Your ability to boost your clients’ competitive positioning, help them enter new markets, and support their expansion and growth, will ultimately define your organization. High quality services that directly meet your clients’ needs are the most critical component of this mission.  ITC offers a number of services and training packages to help you improve your existing services and develop new ones that respond directly to your clients’ needs.


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